DJCAD research expo.

(A small vitrine displaying some of my early stage material exploration prototypes.) ‘Exploring hearing aids and super normal design’ This display shows a selection of work in progress on the PhD project, exploring hearing aids and super normal design. When we think of hearing aids, images of beige or robotic silver devices come to mind. These are … Continue reading DJCAD research expo.


thinking through making: plastics and 3D modelling

Vacuum form and black resin cast of original BE19 NHS hearing aid, pictures on the left. The BE19 model is an analogue device that was prescribed in the early to mid eighties, however it's form is the most 'hearing aid like' of all the models I've collected from audiologists, participants and friends. It's simple, uninfluenced … Continue reading thinking through making: plastics and 3D modelling

The devil’s in the details.

  (Hearing trumpet made in London, images from London Science Museum Archives, Wellcome Trust)   While reading Grame Gooday's book "Managing the Experience of Hearing Loss in Britain, 1830–1930" I discovered, what I think, may be the manufacturer of a hearing device or 'aurical' that I viewed in the National Museum of Scotlands Archives. (Authors … Continue reading The devil’s in the details.

getting back into the workshop.

For my first day back in the workshop since becoming a PhD-er, I wanted to begin with some material exploration. Materiality is incredibly important when exploring wearables, especially wearables with stigma attached to them, like hearing aids. Can the materials and metaphors used change a wearers decision to pass, cover or (un)cover their hearing aids? … Continue reading getting back into the workshop.