thinking through making: plastics and 3D modelling

Vacuum form and black resin cast of original BE19 NHS hearing aid, pictures on the left.

plastics 2

The BE19 model is an analogue device that was prescribed in the early to mid eighties, however it’s form is the most ‘hearing aid like’ of all the models I’ve collected from audiologists, participants and friends. It’s simple, uninfluenced or stylised. An archetype.

In order to have more precision in the process of working with cast-able materials, I’ve been learning to use Rhino 3D modelling software ( albeit incredibly slowly). Some 3D prints and CNC milling samples coming shortly!




2 thoughts on “thinking through making: plastics and 3D modelling

  1. Hi Katie,I love these designs.My daughter wears hearing aids and thought they were really cool.She would love you to design some for her.


    1. Hey Jean, thank you for your positive words! And please do let me know if your daughter would be up for a conversation about her experiences as a hearing aid wearer? (Saying this, one specification of the research is that participants must be 18 years +)


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